Some information on our location:

Maraka’s Beach is situated in Stalos, which is 7.5km away from the center of Chania. It is a small village divided into two parts: Ano and Kato Stalos.

Ano Stalos is the old part of the village which remains a typical Greek village, unaffected by tourism.

Kato Stalos is the seaside area and the touristic part of the village. Most of the hotels are located close to the beach in this part of the village. The area is crossed by the main street and you may find different restaurants, cafeterias, beach bars, supermarkets, a pharmacy and many types of shops on both sides of the street.

We can say that our hotel is situated in a ‘’touristic’’ area which allows our guests to enjoy the sea and also to benefit from the commodities the area has to offer.

Our hotel is not located in an isolated or distant part of the Chania region.

However, it is our main goal to offer our guests privacy, relaxation and personalised services.

For further information on the area, please visit:


Clarifications on our hotel & facilities:

Our identity: We are a small hotel of 7 apartments and our main goal is to offer our guests privacy, relaxation and personalised services in a beautiful and comfortable environment.

If you are looking for a big hotel which offers a variety of events and extensive facilities, then maybe our lodging is not the right choice for you…


Breakfast: Our breakfast is based on the Cretan diet.

It consists of traditional recipes and local products.

Fresh eggs, fresh fruit, fresh orange juice, coffee, tea with local herbs, pies, local kinds of cheese, homemade marmalade and honey are some of the products served.

Please let us know if you have any food peculiarity (intolerance to gluten or lactose) or if you are vegan/vegetarian. We will try to offer you a tasty alternative!

Our guests will not find a huge variety of different dishes, frozen or precooked meals. We try our best to offer you fresh homemade and healthy goods.

This is our philosophy and we would like our guests to consider that before choosing us for their vacation.


Meals: In the area of Stalos, you will find a big variety of restaurants and beach bars, coffee places and bars.

In our hotel we serve only breakfast but we can recommend you nice spots nearby where you can enjoy your lunch or dinner!

For dinner, our main suggestion, among others, is to visit our family restaurant ”Kosmas Taverna” which serves traditional Cretan dishes and its location is just across the street.


Pool: The dimensions of our swimming pool are:

45 m2 with 1,30m depth and 2 m2 kids pool with 0,60m depth.

Our swimming pool is small, matching the size of our hotel. It can offer a refreshing break and an option for a swim when the sea is wavy.


Beach: Our hotel is situated by the beach of Stalos. Our beach is sandy and the water is shallow and suitable for families.

We offer umbrellas and sunbeds along with beach towels, which can be used only by the guests of our hotel.


Rooms with Sea View: In our lodging, there are two room types that face the sea directly. They are the ‘’Sea Front Two Bedroom Apartment’’ and the ‘’Sea Front Studios’’.

The ‘’One-Bedroom Apartment in Split levels’’ and the ‘’Garden View Studio’’ do not face the sea directly. These room types are 20 meters far from the beach and 20 meters far from the street.

Please consider that before proceeding with a reservation.


Noise from the street: Our lodging is situated between the beach and the main street.

The ‘’One-Bedroom Apartment in Split levels’’ and the ‘’Garden View Studio’’ are closer to the main street. We have done the best we could to isolate these room types from the noise of the street.

The measures that we have taken offer our guests the best possible soundproof protection during their stay inside the room. When you sit at the balcony, you may feel the noise of the traffic. If you are very sensitive to the noise, maybe these rooms are not the best choice for you. In general, the amount of complains on this matter is almost none.

Please consider that before booking these room types.


Cleaning: We offer our guests everyday cleaning.

Linens and towels are changed every second night. If you need a change earlier, please let us know to arrange it.

Toiletries, bathrobes and slippers are offered as well.


Room kitchen equipment: At our kitchen there is an electric hob, a small refrigerator, a kettle, pots, a frying pan, plates, cups and glasses, forks, knives and spoons, a bottle opener: everything one may need to prepare a small meal!

Extra kitchen equipment can be provided upon request.


Beds: In each bedroom of our apartments there is a big double bed. The size of the double beds is 160cm width and 200cm length. There is no option to replace a double bed with two single beds.

The ‘’Sea Front Two-Bedroom Apartment’’ has one big double bed in one bedroom and two single beds in the second bedroom. The two single beds in the second bedroom are 80cm wide and 200cm long each.

The ‘’Sea Front Studios’’ and the ‘’Garden View Studio’’ contain one big double bed as well.

The ‘’One-Bedroom Apartment in split Levels’’ has one big double bed in the main bedroom and two sofa-beds in the lower level.

The dimensions of the sofa-beds are 80cm width and 190cm length.

All the mattresses of our double beds have a COCO-MAT natural topper for extra comfort.


Parking: Our parking area can accommodate up to 5 vehicles. Therefore, parking is available upon availability. If somebody cannot find a parking place, then parking on the street is permitted and free.


Reception: The reception hours are 08:00-14:00 and 17:00-20:00.

In case of early or late check-in, kindly let us know in advance about the estimated time of arrival and one of us will be waiting to welcome you and assist you with the check-in.


Late check-out request: Check-out is possible until 12:00.

If you are leaving later than that, we always give the option of staying longer based on availability. If that is not possible, then there is a private shower room available which could be used after you spend your last day at the beach.

We can also keep your luggage safe at the storage room in the reception area until your departure.


Information and tips: Information about the region of Chania, tips about organizing your daily excursions in the area along with useful recommendations for things to do around and maps of the area are available for you at the reception area.

Please do not hesitate to ask, it will be our pleasure to help you!



The climate in Crete is typical of the Mediterranean climate: mild and rainy winters, relatively warm and dry summers and, generally, extended periods of sunshine throughout most of the year.

The tourist season in Crete starts in April and lasts until October.

April, May and October are the months with a slight possibility of rain. However, the rain lasts only for a few hours and then the sun is back. During June, July and August the possibility of rain is almost none.

The temperature of the sea is about 20oC in April and is getting higher as summer approaches.  It remains warm until the end of October.

In general, the sea is calm with a small possibility of wind during most of the tourist season. The period with the highest possibility for wind and big waves at the sea in July and August.

The humidity is higher between July, August and mid-September.

No matter what the weather conditions are, there are always alternative places to swim nearby.

Please ask us for further information.

Thank you!